Past Exhibitions

In past years we displayed our collection and met with our customers around the world  in leather shows we participated.

Some pictures from past exhibitions. 2015


Int Leather 2015, India

Sourcing at Magic 2015 Winter and Summer Editions, Las Vegas, United States

LineaPelle 2015 Leather Show, Milan

APLF 2015 HongKong Leather Show


APLF 2014 HongKong Leather Show

ACLE 2014 Shanghai Leather Show

LineaPella 2014 Leather Show, Milan

IDF 2014 Leather Show, Istanbul


APLF 2013 HongKong Leather Show

IDF 2013 Istanbul Leather Show

ACLE 2013 Shanghai Leather Show


ACLE 2012 Shanghai Leather Show

APLF 2012 HongKong Leather Show

IDF 2012 Istanbul Leather Show


Le Cuir A Paris 2011 Leather Show

ACLE 2011 Shanghai Leather Show

APLF 2011 HongKong Leather Show

Guangzhou 2011 Bags&Shows Leather Show, China


ACLE 2010 Shanghai Leather Show

APLF 2010 HongKong Leather Show


IDF 2009 Istanbul Leather Show

ACLE 2009 Shanghai Leather Show


IDF 2008 Istanbul Leather Show

IDF 2007 Istanbul Leather Show

Kiev 2006 Leather and Fur Show, Ukraine

Novosibirsk 2006 Leather Show, Russia

IDF 2006 Istanbul Leather Show